Bơm dẫn thuốc thực quản- HSW DRENCH - MATIC

1.200.000 đ
Trước Thuế: 1.200.000 đ
Mã sản phẩm: bơm-dt
Tình trạng: 2 - 3 Days
Số lượng: + -
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STT                         TÊN VẬT TƯ GIÁ BÁN(VNĐ)
  1 Bơm dẫn thuốc tự quản 10ml- HSW DRENCH - MATIC 10ml    1.350.000
  2 Bơm dẫn thuốc tự quản 23 ml- HSW DRENCH - MATIC 23 ml    1.450.000
  3 Bơm dẫn thuốc tự quản 30ml- HSW DRENCH - MATIC 30ml    1.300.000

- Xuất xứ : Đức

  • automatic self-­filling syringe:
  • for the administration of solutions and suspensions for live stock
  • for oral and pour-­on use in sheep, cattle, and goats
  • can be also used  as an injection syringe with special accessories
  • pressure cast aluminium handle, high strength at low weight
  • high strength plastic barrel
  • easy to use and easy to clean
  • dosage continuously adjustable
  • tolerance < 1% of dose
  • easily adjustable drenching pressure
  • innovative and ergonomic design
  • automatic lubrication due to twin o-­ring

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